A huge runway by the Adriatic sea 20 min. from Venice

IMAC ITALIAN CUP - EuroCup Championship
SEPTEMBER 3-4-5, 2021
This Open International event is part of the IMASC EuroCup, the Championship connecting several Open International events in Europe.

The following IMAC classes will be flown:  Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced, Unlimited, Free-Style.

Current IMAC regulations will be applied to all matters. 

The competition will take place on two flight lines.

All airplanes will be hangared and will not have to be disassembled for the whole duration of the competition.


All registrations will all be accepted, but finalised after payment of the 80 Euro Fee via bank or 83 via PayPal.


Registrations will be accepted up to a total of 70 Pilots.

Thursday September 1st
Practice flights
Judges and Pilots briefing

Friday September 3rd 
08:30 - 19:00
- three known flights per class

Saturday September 4th
8.30 - 19:00 
- two known flights per class
- one unknown flight per class
- one free style flight
20.00 Social Dinner

Sunday September 5th
8.30 - 15:00 
- one known flight per class
- one unknown flight per class
- one final Free style flight
14.30 pm Awards Cermimony​
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ALICAORLE AIRFIELD  www.alicaorle.it
Address:  Strada Tezzon, 30021, Caorle (VE)
Lat:  45°36'43,0''N; Lon: 12°48'52,6''E